State Team

Leaders of our NH Community


Kaysyn's State Project -  Fundraising for Make-A-Wish

Kaysyn MAW Rubric

Kaysyn MAW Letter

Leea's State Project -  Raising Awareness for Undiagnosed Illnesses

Leea Flyer

Leea Bio

Leea Fact Sheet

Leea Rules & Requirements

Leea Participation Sheet

Maddie's State Project - Helping Those Less Fortunate

Maddie Participation Sheet

Maddie Project Outline

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Maddie Interesting Facts

Dhruva's State Project -  Increasing Number of Chapters in NH

Dhruva Flyer

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Dhruva Bio & Project Info


Ken's State Project -  Helping Seniors with Social Media

Ken:  Further Info

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Alan's State Project -  Opioid Crisis Awareness in NH

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State Officer team

This year's state officer team at Institute For Leaders (IFL). Pictured from left to right: Alan Xie, Dhruva Nistane, Leea Sarvela, Madison Houle, Kaysyn Walker, and Kenneth Paquette.